Sunshine Aviation is committed to excellence with our client’s aircrafts. Our staff provides quality workmanship in aircraft interiors. We offer a variety of coverings from leather seating to vinyl materialsThe vehicle is inspected upon arrival for any dents, dings, broken, bent or missing parts.  After the damage assessment walk-through we decide, with the client, what modifications or upgrades will be included in the restoration.  At this point, a cost estimate is provided before any work begins.

We take pride in fully restoring your property to its original condition or better!

Corrosion Protection

The professionals at Sunshine Aviation are committed to excellence in aircraft restoration.

They provide superior protection from corrosion with stunning exterior paint coatings. By using only premium, aviation paint, they’re able to customize any color preference.


B6 plane
L5 plane



  • Inspect aircraft for dings, dents, corrosion, loose or missing rivets
  • Inspect flight controls, Windows, Deicer boots, Propellers
  • Remove flight controls, inspect bearings and hinge points for excessive wear
  • Chemically stripped, or sand and paint
  • Windows covered with paper and foil, seams covered with aluminum tape
  • Landing gear and all plastic and fiberglass areas protected from chemicals
  • Acid etched and washed to enhance adhesion
  • Three-step prime, wash primer, two-part epoxy anti-corrosion prime, high-build prime (if needed)
  • Base coat, 3 coats of polyurethane
  • Apply design and N#
  • Detail Deicer boots, lines
  • Inspect and clean windows
  • Paint landing gear
  • Apply decals
  • Balance flight controls and reinstall
  • Wash aircraft
  • Final inspection


We paint planes, helicopters and more. Any design or scheme you want we CAN and WILL do!


Is your plane older than you? Does it look like an antique? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll have it  looking brand new, restored to prime condition.


No problem is too big or too small. We fix broken parts, bends, dents AND interior damages! We’ll have your aircraft running like a new machine.

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